STRATEGY and Implementation 

Building a Culture of Measurement for Growth 


Our Approach

Looking at a team's budget and financial performance as the center of a team's decision making and planning process does not give a team's leadership the tools they need for future growth. 

Revenue numbers may speak to the current health of a team, net profits may speak about past performance, but assessing qualitative factors such as workforce efficacy, and internal and external customer satisfaction will provide additional insight on where organizational improvement or change management is required to achieve long-term success. 

Prospects Sports Solutions' global approach evaluates a team's strategy and performance beyond financial performance. 

Evaluating components such as market share,  1st team fan and academy parents' satisfaction, quality controls, and revenue stream performance help Prospects Sports’ clients focus on long-term strategic goals, allows them to forecast challenges and spot trouble before it occurs. Waiting for trouble to be reflected on a team's financial statements is a luxury professional teams cannot afford to do in a global market.  

Our Process 

Discovery> Strategic Dialogue> Strategic Alignment > CONTINUOUS Evaluation> Growth 

Strategy mapping has been traditionally viewed as an annual ritual wherein leadership shifts resources towards grave and looming danger. This approach helps engage and direct leadership but it creates a culture of attending to problems after they occur instead of building capabilities.

Prospects Sports' approach values a process of discovery and continuous strategic dialogue. A team's strategic map then becomes the tool each person in the organization utilizes to change behavior and ensure growth.  A strategic dialogue makes way for leadership and support staff to leverage everyone's efficacy, experience and expertise, resulting in an ongoing cycle of business solutions aligned with new growth opportunities and initiatives.  

Strategic alignment is key to transforming ideas into initiatives and improvements. Prospects Sports’ client strategic maps are living documents that guide everyone in the organization toward a common goal.  It ensures everyone in the organization sees the role each plays in the strategy implementation. This process helps promote company loyalty and growth by turning key staff into solutions architects and making everyone in the organization accountable.

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We Offer

For Investors

Prospects Sports Solutions serves investors interested in long-term conservative investment initiatives, with a concentration on 3rd Division, 2nd Division B, and 2nd Division A (Liga 123) teams in Spain. 

For Teams

Prospects Sports Solutions provides strategic planning and implementation consulting services to 3rd Division, 2nd Division B, and 2nd Division A (Liga 123) teams in Spain, and also provides professional teams around the world with:

  • Opportunities to develop their academy players (U23 and below), and opportunities to compete in Europe.

  • Preseason tours and support services in Spain.

True Impact 

Creating a culture where strategy is something everyone owns results in behavior change and growth. See our impact page to view some indicators. 

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