Interested in investing but not familiar with the Spanish football (soccer) market?

Contact us for a discovery meeting and learn more about the football market in Spain as well as possible investment opportunities based on superior knowledge.  

We Have Team Offerings in the Following Senior Categories:  

  • La Liga

  • La Liga 2 (2nd A)

  • Spanish 2nd B Division 

  • Spanish 3rd Division 

  • Preferente Senior (1st Division Regional) 

Investor/Investment group must:

  • Have resources for initial financial requirements which vary depending on the team project and category.  Initial investments range from €4M to €180M.

  • have access to ADDITIONAL capital to maintain an annual budget.  ANNUAL BUDGETS range from €1.3M to €120M PER SEASON.

Youth Academies in Top Tier National Categories 

We offer opportunities to invest in teams competing in the Juvenil (U19) top tier categories in Spain (Juvenil Nacional and Juvenil Division de Honor).   

This type of investment is ideal for football academies outside of Europe interested in bridging access to professionalism in Europe. Investor/Investment group must:

  • Have resources for initial financial requirements which vary depending on the project.  Initial investments range from €1M to €2.5M.

  • Be able to invest amount in a timely manner to meet project goals.

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An industry that generates more than 1.3% of GDP, more than 185,000 jobs while offering the best show, an example of innovation and internationalization exporting Spain Brand around the world. It is not soccer. It's LaLiga.

Capitalizing on Spanish Football

  • LaLiga is recognized as the best football league in the world.

  • LaLiga was nominated by IFFHS as Best League in the years 2000, 2001, 2002, 2004, 2010,2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015.

  • LaLiga has two of the five most important clubs in the world in terms of revenue: Real Madrid CF and FC Barcelona.

  • Some of the best players in the history of  soccer have played in LaLiga, that’s why it is popularly known as “The Star’s League”.

  • Spanish teams get big results in  UEFA competitions, such as Champions League and Europa League. 

  • La Liga is the only league in  UEFA history from which 5 teams qualified to the Champions League.

  • LaLiga & Laliga 2 club finances have experienced significant revenue growth in all areas, recurrent profits and steady debt reduction.

  • Teams in 3rd Division and 2nd B Division have adopted the appropriate strategy implementation plans to be promoted to La Liga 2 . and eventually, La Liga. 

This positive trend makes Spanish football an attractive market in which to invest at every senior category.