Our Approach

Research shows that in sports, the one thing that works and makes lower performing players better is IMMERSION
— PSS Research


These are actual tfc academy alumni and not Stock photos:

TFC Academy has a history of producing players that compete at the elite level in several top tier teams include but are not limited to:

o   Vicky Losada - FC Barcelona Captain, Spain Nat’l Team

o   Xavi Hernandez- FC Barcelona, FIFA World Champion, one of the best in history

o   Marc Bernaous Cano-Nàstic de Tarragona, UD Las Palmas, Getafe CF, Elche CF, FC Barcelona B, Andorra National Team, Spain National Team

o   Pier Luigi Cherubino-Tenerife, Sporting de Gijon, Real Betis, Real Zaragoza, Spanish National Team

o   Cristian García Ramos-Cadiz, Cordona,  Sabadell, Tenerife

UPP Players Succeed

These are actual upp academy alumni and not Stock photos:

UPP Academy has a history of producing players that compete on several top tier teams include but are not limited to:

o   Alex Alegría - R. Betis

o   Andrés Llorente - At. Madrid

o   Sergio Alonso - R. Zaragoza

o   Sergio Hernández 'Chencho' - Valencia CF

o   Fernando Pérez 'Deco' - Málaga CF

o   Julio César Izquierdo - Sevilla FC

o   Rubén Colmenero - Sevilla FC

o   David de Pablos - RCD Espanyol

Year-Round and Short Term Immersion Programs

For players ages 14 through 22 (fame and Female) who want to see if they have what it takes to make a professional career in soccer, the Academy is the place to be. This is a true immersion program, giving international players the opportunity to train with local talent in Spain and compete at the highest levels in their age group. The Academy uses evidence-based practices to develop players and put them on a path to a professional career. 

We provide strategic planning services to professional teams interested in opening their doors to international players to increase their scouting and development outreach worldwide.

An important piece for any team in Spain to grow and be successful is the development of a strong Fútbol Base or Academy infrastructure. Such infrastructure can be costly. Several teams in Spain have partnered with us to help support their growth efforts through international programs.

Research shows that in sports, like in education and many other fields, the one thing that works and makes players better is immersion. Nowadays, many people are trying to rethink and reinvent football development, to get talented players in lower performing leagues to the level of their European counterparts. But there is one thing nobody tries, despite lots of evidence that it works: desegregation.

Tools for Sport and for Life

There is great comfort in the familiar. It's one reason humans often flock to other people who share the same interests, laugh at the same jokes, etc. But familiar ground may not be the best place to cultivate creativity for the workplace. Researchers have found that people with deep connections to people from other countries and cultures often see benefits in terms of their creative output. Our approach makes better athletes, and better humans.

A professional athlete’s career is short and his/her career as an ex-professional is much longer. To address this fact of life, we implement individual strategic plans for our student-athletes to reach their peak potential both academically and in sport to be fully prepared for life and not just the football pitch. The end goal of our development program is not to sign players for our main squads. Instead, we utilize standards and assessments to evaluate and qualify potential professional athletes and sporting professionals for future work either as players or in the different branches of the field.

We currently work with football clubs in Catalonia, Valencia, and Extremadura. We are not a third party running international exchange programs for these teams. The clubs with which we work use real academy coaches for their immersion programs, and the international players train and play with local players in their appropriate categories. A real immersion non segregated approach is the only way to promote real advancement.

Current Offerings:

Why Us?

We only collaborate with professional teams that subscribe to this evidence-based approach because it’s the only one that indicates success. This approach provides a unique, systematic development process that elevates players' skills to the necessary levels to compete in Federated soccer in Spain, including top tier levels. 

There’s something about deeply understanding and learning about another culture that’s transformative…people with deep connections to people from other countries and cultures often see benefits in terms of their creative output (in all fields)
— Adam Galinsky, Ph.D. Professor & Researcher at Columbia Business School