Athlete Representation


We provide first class care for all athlete representation needs. Our goal is to ensure our clients can concentrate on their sports development and performance while we take care of everything else.  

We offer: 

Strategic Planning Services: 

For Players: Regardless of talent, dreams are just dreams unless you have a plan to get you from where you are to where you want to be. Whether you are just entering a path to professionalism or at the sunset of your career, having a team with the appropriate efficacy to advance your career is fundamental. We work with some of the most respected intermediaries and agents in the business.   

For Teams: Our client-centric approach to talent management allows us to work with professional teams to meet their needs. We begin with a discovery meeting to understand the player profile a team may need, and match team requirements with players that provide best value both in cost and in performance.  



For Players: Readiness is fundamental to getting signed. We offer comprehensive training, and player tracking tools to ensure you are prepared for the demands of the sport during preseason, season, and post-season. 

For Teams: We ensure our players are active to meet the demands of any league in the world. Whether your league calendar starts in March or in August; or if it is 15-weeks long or 32-weeks long, we have a pool of players that right for most teams. 


Player branding is simply a must in the world economy of football. Our marketing team proactively looks for opportunities for our players to have an opportunity to be noticed off the pitch.